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ZWAGERI SDN BHD was incorporated on the 6th December 1996 by the present founding Managing Director EN. MUHAMAD KHAIRULDIN BIN MUHAMAD NASIR. The name is derived from the scientific name of the hardest timber called Usideroxylonzwageri or “ kayu Belian”. The characteristic of the hardwood become an inspiration to emblematize the company’s existence, representing hard work, strength, value, endurance and quality in our work.

The incorporation of the company was under a critical atmosphere of the nation’s economic aspect, as Malaysia and other countries were in the middle of a major economic downturn in history. While some companies failed to survive, Zwageri Sdn. Bhd. managed to emerge from the ground and continue to bloom until today.

At the beginning of the establishment, the company emphasized to get involved in development and construction activities such as general building (interior/exterior) works, road construction and repairs and landscaping (hardscape and softscape), both for government and private constitution. After years of experience, Zwageri Sdn. Bhd. took the effort to concentrate into professional scaffolding erection combining it with rope access technique, and Occupational Safety and Health consultancy services.

Apart from these, the company also specialize in other Work at Height (WAH) work as qualified rigger for towers, cranes, or any other work that require the skill of working at height such as painting, external building and window cleaning, maintenance and repair, telecommunication, hoisting, gondola etc.

Our riggers and erectors are well-trained with qualified certificate and skills. In accord with our Safety and Health Policy, safety is our utmost concern and applied to every work practice.

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

ZSB’s [the “Company”] is committed to placing Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (OSHA) the highest priority with the aim of creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment throughout its workplace, businesses, productions and services that satisfy the needs of our customers and at the same time protective of the environment.

  1. Ensure a Healthy and Safe Working Environment for all its employees and suppliers alike.
  2. Develop and enforce the use of Safe Working Practice and to provide trainings to employees in this regard.
  3. Ensure all visitors apply and understand their obligations of this Policy.
  4. The company shall conduct regular assessment in relation to compliance with this policy and to ensure the achievement of this objective.
  5. The company shall strive towards the preventions of occupational illness, accident and injuries, and prevention pollution of the environment.
  6. The company participates in R&D to achieve a higher standard in providing skillful employee, work system, safe environment and technique.

Each employee is an important part of our “Environment, Health and Safety” program and we expect them to be committed to these objectives and to report hazards and situations, which may lead to accident or illnesses.

Quality Assurance Policy

ZSB managements and staff are committed to creating and maintaining the quality performances in our daily business activities. We are committed to excel through continuous improvement in delivering quality products and services that meets our customer needs.

ZSB Objectives is to:-

  1. Ensure the quality of products and services meets our customer needs.
  2. Ensure the quality of product and services is meet the standard at all time and maintaining its quality.
  3. Adhere to the minimum standard of BS 4778 (British Standard)
  4. Ensure to revise and update the Quality Assurance Policy.
  5. Ensure all complaints or suggestions to be taken seriously by our management.

Each employees, is an important part of our “Quality Assurance” program and we expect them to be committed to these objectives. Each individual is expected to be responsible in their contribution to be effective in meeting the quality expected need of the customers.

Our Chart
ZWAGERI SDN BHD organisation chart.
Safety First
ZWAGERI SDN BHD Safety and Health committee organisation chart.



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